Top places to stay in Palermo

It is essential, when you visit any place, to stay in a place that gives you the best for your money and keeps you away from the dangerous areas. These should also accommodate with
you if you have gone ahead with a 24- hour car rental and providing you parking
spaces. Comprising of 25 districts, some of which are spectacular and unique
while others are below average.

Two of the best districts that you can stay in are:


As a tourist, there is no better place for you to stay at. Politeama offers safety, and keeps in
close proximity to the city area. If you want to spend time in the streets of Palermo, you can board a bus that will take you through its timely and reliable routes.

The area is posh and elegant, with a very happening nightlife, filled to the brim with clubs,
restaurants and bars. So here, you can very rarely run into someone who can be
a threat to your safety. The streets are also full of a wide range of bars and
restaurants that offer a you a quiet sport where you can feel enveloped by the
quietness and luxury.

The best hotels we can recommend in Politeama are:

·Palazzo Gallo

·Liberty Suites

If you wish to go all out and spend on a luxury hotel, you can always
turn to the very posh Hotel Wagner.

2. Old Town District

When it comes to culture, Old Town District is richest in the whole of Palemero. It has been conquered numerous times, and has been witness to several crucial eras. Each corner you turn takes you to some ancient civilization or another, that had at some point in history
conquered Palemero.

Among the several benefits of staying in Old Town are the many monuments standing tall here. These are sights that you cannot miss if you have chosen to step foot in Plaermo. The culture that will surround you will immerse you in itself and you will constantly be trying to
absorb the parts of history that will be around you.

There are the cathedral, Quattro CantiiesadellaMartorana,Vucciria Old Marketand many, many more destination waiting to awe you.

The best hotels we can recommend in Old Town District are:

·Hotel Columbia

·Hotel del Centro

But if you would like to spend a little more and spend your time here in the lap of luxury, we would recommend the Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa.

The Bottom Line:

Keep in mind that the people you bring with you have a great influence on how your trip goes. Just because your 24- hours car rental allows you to take a truck, does not mean you
will travel with random people. Our advice is to make it an intimate, fun-filled

TOP 7 High Technology Touristic Inventions to Make Your Day!

Traveling is your special way to escape from the word, annoying duties, boring work, and hot hours. You can leave everything that bothers you at home, except for your iPhone, camera and laptop. High technology traveling is a usual thing nowadays. International vendors make their IT products maximum comfortable and helpful. Nevertheless, your technic needs everyday support. Laptop and telephone is all you need to manage your traveling and situation around. How about renting car at the last moment for a good price in one click from your smartphone? It is impressive, isn’t it? The things go farther with the advent of GPS, biometric valises, and chiplets. What else can you expect?

Lost Lonley Luggage


Have you ever imagined that your case can be easily conducted from your phone? Thus, the magic suitcases from Bluesmart are right for you! Their functions are impressive! Thus, you can open and block your valise with your smartphone. You can also follow it whenever it is, check it inside and weight luggage with your phone only. The price for such a useful invention is about $300.


There are many different apps on your phone. Some of them are for traveling, others for communication or checking weather. There is one interesting app that helps you to make the best souvenir ever. It is called Postagram and this is your chance to create your own personalized postcards and send them to your friends. The procedure is simple. Just pick the best photo from your phone, make a card and put the message on it. You can send a postcard online or print somewhere and send via delivery services.


You can find a laptop case with charging function from different manufacturers. You can charge everything from there, including your laptop, telephone, iPod. If the price of $700 is high for you, you can try to find something cheaper for $200. The cases are water resistant. They help to be always in touch during your journey.

Mobile Edge Netbook Backpack layed flat


Traveling to exotic countries you should be careful about healthy food and water. Of course, bottled water is recommended. SteriPEN company has invented portative UV that is able to clean water from 99,9% of  harmful bacteria. You can clean 1 liter of water for about a minute. The price of it is $70. The device is small in size and that’s why comfortable to carry even in your pocket.


There is nothing to think about. The idea of having a fast real-time translator is as old as the world. What do you use now? The most of the people used to ask for help such world-popular services as Google Translate. But it cannot speak and takes some time to type words and phrases. Just put it in your ear. You can translate from more than 25 languages. You can use your translator with your speakers and earphones. Everything is relative. Try to use and compare! The linguistic background contains a lot of specific phrases, idioms, and expressions that Google translator knows nothing about. What about the price? It’s no more than $60.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone and Samsung Keyboard Cover


It’s impossible to follow your luggage everywhere. You shouldn’t worry about your suitcase if you have special luggage tracker. Trakdot is able to follow your luggage with the help of special small device inside and innovative app on your phone. There are many sorts of trackers from different manufacturers. They differ with their functions, design, and power. The price starts from $65.



It’s incredible! So-called smart clothes is a new invention for people who like traveling or just live in a hot climate. It is also good for adventurer people who are always on the way to bright impressions and adrenaline. Look around! You can find clothes of different colors and textures. It’s not about design. It’s about in-built cooling function. Are you interested? There is special cloth line Sol Cool that produces clothes with compound xylitol that can boast with cooling properties every time you wear it. It’s very pleasant and cooling. Besides, the T-shirt is also UV protective and high-wicking. You feel comfortable even in a hot weather. What about the price? The price for a women T-shirt made of cooling material is about $60.

Of course, we are not really surprised from the modern IT gadgets and their functions. We can see the magic creations everywhere. Look! The hotels are cleaned by robots. You can see robots even on the reception desk, in the shops, cafes. That’s amazing but the most of these unique and helpful creations are easily conducted with your phone! Smartphones give us access to apps that help you to make your travel life easier. Think about it and try to upload a couple of innovative entries.

3 Best hotels to stay in Little Italy NYC

Planning a family trip is one of the hardest tasks you will have to do throughout the
year. Especially if you are going to stay at a hotel and in the city. You have
to plan months ahead in order to get things right and even then, you just might
miss some important things.

If you have kids younger than 10 years, you have to be very particular about the hotels you choose to stay in. You do not want anywhere that will expose them to
unnecessary noise or explicit activities. Getting a family friendly hotel is one
of the difficult tasks you will encounter.

In case you won’t have someone to pick you up from the airport, you have a few options to consider. You can choose to ride with Uber or any other mobile cab service or you can book a rental car. When looking for a car rental JFK airport is one good place to look at.

If your destination is Little Italy, we have hand-picked 3 of the most family friendly
hotels in the vicinity which not only offer a nice home feel, but are also kind
to your pockets. Here they are:

  1. Solita Soho Hotel an Ascend Hotel Collection Member

SoLita SoHo Hotel

Located at 159 Grand Street, New York, is this 4 star rated hotel. It is approximately 2 blocks away from Broadway and an astonishing 2 minutes, by foot, from the heart
of Little Italy. Solita Soho is very family friendly with room options to fit
your preference. You can choose to have separate rooms with the kids or do an
adult kid combination.

The hotel is conveniently located close to various places including China town and several shopping malls. You can also easily get public transport or just get around on foot without much difficulty.

Some of the amenities provided by the hotel include coffee making machines in the hotel rooms, daily newspaper delivery, flat screen TVs to keep your children occupied and Wi-Fi if you have the tech loving kids.

There are also laundry services available, a lounging bar for when you want to a quiet afternoon, elevators and 24 hour first aid services because you never know when an emergency would arise, especially with children around.

  1. Noble Den Hotel


Second on our list is the Noble Den Hotel whose physical address is 196 Grand St, New York, is an all-time guest favorite hotel with a 4.5 star rating on trip
advisor. This hotel has friendly and warm staff that will make you feel right
at home once you step into their doors.

The rooms of the Noble Den hotel have been decorated to please the eyes of everyone, even the young ones. Some of the highlights of staying at this joint include the great city views you will get. The hotel is also very close to the subway
station so you won’t worry about getting around the city and you can also
easily visit top attractions including the empire state building.

Here you will get to meet diverse people from all over Little Italy and New York in
general. The restaurant menu is also worth reporting home about with dishes to
cater for all preferences. To add to that, you get to have full comfort, fun
and rest all in one package.

  1. Sohotel



The Sohotel is among the most affordable family friendly hotels in the vicinity of Little Italy. Found on 341 Broome St, New York, this hotel has a 4.1 star rating from
its guests. Most testimonials are keen to mention the comfortable and clean rooms, the great food and beautiful décor.

You will be able to visit the city with easily accessible transportation, sample cuisine from the numerous restaurants around the hotel and even take your children to shopping expeditions. The hotel has a restaurant itself so you do not have to worry about having to go out to get food all the time.

These three hotels in Little Italy have an exceptional feature; kid friendliness, therefore allowing you and your kids to have a great time during your vacation or trip. After all a vacation is not a vacation if rest, comfort and fun are not guaranteed.